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Address Highbury
Google Map -34.865934,138.6841495
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John Croucher
John Croucher
If you get to this place when the birds of all types are busy cleaning, you will see them preening, flapping and just doing things which remind me of a cat cleaning itself. The lawns are well kept, the seats and paths inviting and the trees tall. A lovely spot which also leads to lots of other beautiful spots. Come and see.
Michael Burrows
Michael Burrows
They named it a duck pond! I came for the ducks! But all I could see were pigeons! I just had to squint my eyes and pretend those pigeons were actually ducks. It made me happy to sit by a pond and think about ducks (even though they were actually pigeons... not ducks.)
Kerry Davis
Kerry Davis
Lots of friendly ducks and birds
Dylan Davenport
Dylan Davenport
Could of been more ducks, ducks that were there didn't act very duck like. If you want to see a duck go here but I've been to plenty of other duck ponds in my life and there are much more stimulating duck ponds around
Emma Bishop
Emma Bishop
It's usually lovely, but right now the pond is nearly empty 😧
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