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Address 18 Galloway Street, Attadale
Google Map -32.0267768,115.8008547
Tel. (08) 6181 5020
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Maria C
Maria C
Fr Don Kettle gives the best homily ever, week after week. His sermon is thoughtful, incisive, succinct, always something new and a fresh perspective that we learn about our faith. Fr Don is well prepared even for weekday masses and in his understated manner, inspires and shepherds his congregation through his homilies. Sunday mass at SJP would be perfect if we have livelier music especially for the mass proper, a youth choir and keyboard/guitar player (instead of the organ) and incorporate some more upbeat praise and worship songs at mass. The Priest/Homily and a young Choir make all the difference in a church🤗🙏
Patrizia DST
Patrizia DST
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