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Address Galliers Specialist Centre, 3056 Albany Highway, Armadale
Google Map -32.1336067,116.0196163
Tel. (08) 6313 3772
Open - Close Monday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Mieke Gault
Mieke Gault
I was very nervous about having gastric sleeve surgery, it’s a last resort for me to lose weight. Dr Siva Sundararajan is very kind and understanding of the problems of obesity including the mental health aspect. He was also very honest about how I would feel after the surgery saying I would feel as though I’d been hit by a truck. Dr Siva exaggerated greatly as I was pain free even when I caught a cold and the coughing and sneezing didn’t hurt. The practice staff were all efficient and kind. Margaret Hayes, the nutritionist knows what she is talking about suggesting that rather than “dieting” make sure to eat small portions of highly nutritious foods. The hospital was good with great staff and the bariatric food was as tasty as it could be. My advice to others looking into this surgery is to look at what’s involved, and never think it’s the easy option as opposed to dieting. Even with this surgery you have to have a strong focus on your aim and outcome. It’s not a walk in the park but it’s worth every sacrifice you make. Even losing FOOD as a good friend.
Patricia Durand
Patricia Durand
I elected to have my gallbladder removed after surveying polyps for a couple of years. I have had a straightforward postoperative recovery. Thank you so much Dr Sundararajan and the team at Hollywood Hospital. If you are contemplating on having this surgery, I can highly recommend Dr Sundararajan.
Sandra Hilleard
Sandra Hilleard
I presented to the Emergency Department in Armadale Hospital with gall bladder issues and serious pain. They booked me in with Dr. Sundararajan and that day I was on the operating table. They took really good care of me. Thank you Dr. Sundararajan and Team!
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett
I presented to the clinic for an inguinal hernia repair. Dr Siva Sundararajan was recommended to us via a doctor friend. I couldn't be happier with my whole experience including initial surgeon choice to reception/administration and hospital team. The team were very professional, thorough and caring. I am very pleased with the result and have had no complications. I highly recommend Dr Siva and his team.
Adrian Nourse
Adrian Nourse
Absolutely fabulous. Preparation and consultation was direct and precise. All possibilities and outcomes were discussed and explained. I have not had any unexpected or unplanned for issues cropping up. My surgical team were brilliant, Dr Siva and Dr Ravi were excellent, followed up with outstanding hospital teams, always on point specialist dietitian care from Gemma and the helpful and wonderful Kelly in the admin corner. My surgical journey has not had any issues, major or minor. The mental preparation for the physical changes for the new normal, food and fluid wise, helped tremendously. I have progressed and continue to improve towards a happier and easier life and lifestyle. I have lost 25+ kilos in the first 6 months, I am no longer Diabetic (now Post Diabetic), my chronic Heartburn is a thing of the past, I am no longer on Cholesterol medication, my Hypertension has receded to a comfortable and manageable level (which should continue to improve as I lose additional weight), my hip issues (planned surgery) have gone away and my compressed vertebrae are no longer an ongoing issue, my sleep apneoa has improved and is a work in progress. Overall, I can honestly say, my life has improved dramatically. The only downside is that I am now on a bicycle and riding with my 5 year old and 10 year old Great Grand-daughters (first time in a long while). So very happy. Thanks guys.
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