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Address Parker River, Cape Otway
Google Map -38.8450511,143.5613526
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Christian Tran
Christian Tran
Beautiful nice secluded beach, literally away from any civilization. And keep it that way, I don't want this hidden gem being crowded and destroyed!
Mick Gibson
Mick Gibson
Beautiful hidden beach and amazing sandstone rock formations. You park at the campground - and then head down a pretty long set of stone steps to the beach and river inlet. Here you'll find a secluded beach, and amazing sandstone rock cliffs. When we went we could also see an old ship wreck and what looked like a whale bone jaw/ rib (perhaps even a fossil - as it was black). Pretty cool spot. Well worth the effort to get down to - and back up again :)
Emin Deveci
Emin Deveci
You can access this beach via the parker hill camping area. You'll need to descend 250m down a steep set of formed stairs. Then ascend back up again. Watch out for the bull ants! Very interesting rock formations and strong currents. Nice secluded beach area.
Rooftop Escape campers
Rooftop Escape campers
Did a day trip hear with the family was a beautiful spot has good flowing river which meets the sea . The river is feed by a small water fall up stream which you cannot see without going off track .
Mari-Liis Alviste
Mari-Liis Alviste
So beautiful little hidden treasure!
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