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Address Tiger Moth Lane, Parafield
Google Map -34.7884101,138.6364315
Tel. (08) 8307 5700
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Random Channel
Random Channel
"Durr we were here FIRST so we can be an absolute nuisance to everyone for our hobby". If you mob didn't do low pass laps every day (public holidays, weekends 7am till 11pm) and actually varied your routes we could possibly co-exist. But no, 4-5 planes in convoy over the same small patch of land. Can't afford to put silencers on your planes but can afford $50mill to plan the worst mall in an airport, never mind all the homes they fly over are low income housing for the most part so folks can't afford to leave this horrible area. Maybe you pilots don't mind the awful noise these planes make (easily one of the worst engine noises out there and I say that as a petrol head) but to everyone else on this planet you honestly sound like giant mosquitos that sprays can't make go away. We hate you Parafield Airport.
Geoff Chatfield
Geoff Chatfield
An airfield steeped in history all lost when successive state and local governments allowed housing to be built so all we now hear is wingers Who was there first
Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons
Great training airport.
Frank Hollander
Frank Hollander
What a lot of your comments about this airport being here first, that is not the problem, the problem is that we are in the 21st century, surely you can make these planes quieter, especially those twin props that fly at all hours, you cant even leave a window open, on a nice evening. Get your stuff together and try to sort it out.
Max Ramm
Max Ramm
FOR PILOTS: ground procedures here can be tricky, but ATC are helpful and understanding with the amount of trainee pilots they have to deal with. No complaints otherwise FOR LOCAL RESIDENTS: the airport was here long before you. It'll be here long after you. Stop complaining about it when you chose to live here.
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