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Address Currency Creek
Google Map -35.4544747,138.7598703
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John Smith
John Smith
A bit overgrown in places. But a nice place for a walk up the river. You can see the steamranger train on the bridge when it's running.
Graham Sharman
Graham Sharman
It is lovely there is a picnic area ans toilets at the beginning However going for the hike the track isn't marked so you have to guess which way in parts of it. It does go up high and it is close to the edge in some places so be mindful not to slip. I wouldn't recommend it all the way for someone afraid of heights as its to close to the edge to slip and nothing to grab.
Sandra Doddridge
Sandra Doddridge
Great place we had a fire and picnic.
Alicia Todd
Alicia Todd
Great place to camp overnight. Walking trails are lovely. Not a huge site but tidy. Remember to be aware of the fireban restrictions.
Nice walk. Was a bit overgrown. Seating at the picnic area was interesting... old manky couches
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