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Address Karramindie
Google Map -30.8440137,121.3936264
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Fred Eames
Fred Eames
Great spot to camp walk the track or ride drive what suit you not a lot of water just now.
Felix Ossig-Bonanno
Felix Ossig-Bonanno
Great free place to spend the night. Close to Kal. Phone reception. Pity I had to leave early.
Olden Busted
Olden Busted
Trailbike mekka. There is one long-drop toilet, picnic tables and fire rings but no potable water. The camping area is suitable more for caravans than tents. It is difficult to find a level site however, so ramps or jacks are necessary. Rooftoppers will struggle to set up in the main camping area so they will need to search around for a spot. Be careful if you don't have a 4wd because there are a lot of washouts etc where you could get very stuck. It's a nice spot to stay for two or three days if you don't mind the motorbike noises and, a great spot for trailbikes with many tracks and large areas suitable for beginners to experts.
Dan “Gummy Bear” Wilson
Dan “Gummy Bear” Wilson
Hoons all night long, more piecefull beside a busy highway, dissapointed big time
Lucy Huang
Lucy Huang
Camped one night there. There are two toilets inside the free camping park. There a few barbeques and lots of fit in tables chairs.
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