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Address 45 Murray Street, Tanunda
Google Map -34.5265585,138.9571492
Tel. (08) 8563 2699
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Betty Blue
Betty Blue
Saw a couple of items outside as I was heading to an appointment. Took a photo and called the husband who rang the shop to put them on hold. I went back twenty minutes later to pay and she quoted a higher price than I recalled seeing on the labels. When I mentioned it she insisted they were labelled correctly, so I thought I was mistaken and she quickly rubbed them off with turps. When I got home I checked my photo and saw she’d flat out lied and doctored the labels. Fortunately not expensive items, but yuck! Won’t be going back. Avoid.
Joe N
Joe N
Worth visiting for an encounter with the rudest lady in SA. Strongly recommend it.
Bob Elliott
Bob Elliott
A nice little place to visit and remember the good old days
Lithos Melbourne
Lithos Melbourne
Cute antique shop with lots of treasures
I have never met such a rude person. Tried to buy a few things and had abuse hurled at me for no reason?? Myself and everyone else in the shop left in fear as she continued to scream. You couldn’t pay me to go anywhere near this shop again.
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