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  • Heritage Bonsai Tasmania Shofu-en OPEN BY APPOINTMENT
Address 10 Dysart Drive, Dysart
Google Map -42.5708973,147.2113405
Tel. 0439 383 365
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Tony Birt
Tony Birt
5 star as per usual
Shiranga Mendis
Shiranga Mendis
Excellent service by Chris, highly recommend bonsai beginner to see him to know everything about bonsai. Helpful and reasonable price. Free follow up and after purchase service which comes in handy for beginners.
Thanks Chris, friendly and extremely helpful. A great place to buy bonsai plants and get educated on things you have never seen or heard of before . Goes to show 40 years of bonsai & I am still learning
Friendly and best bonsai experience in South East Tas-Hobart region. The owner Chris is very devoted to the bonsai art. Great service, quality bonsai Definitely recommended!
will harris
will harris
Chris has a fantastic Bonsai nursery. The only place to go in Tasmania for everything Bonsai.
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