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Address 250 Missing Link Road, Wattle Grove
Google Map -43.166894,147.035694
Tel. 0418 512 973
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Larry Dunnett
Larry Dunnett
We used Woolnough Electrical for the installation of a whole of house ducted airconditioning system for our new home which was built ~18 months ago. Woolnough Electrical was recommended to us by our builder as being a local business that would be able to match in well with the build. Woolnough Electrical came and decided on the appropriate location of the ducts and return air, prior to the ceiling plaster being installed. Upon moving into the house, it became apparent that the system was not running efficiently and as designed. The location of the return air in the ceiling in close proximity to a number of ceiling ducts (and not in a wall at ground level or away from ceiling ducts, as it appears is best practice) has resulted in the thermostat in the return air incorrectly calculating the room temperature in comparison to the set temperature as it is primarily receiving the air straight from the nearby ducts. This results in the airconditioning system either prematurely 'reaching temperature' (if the zone near the return air is on), or taking longer to 'reach temperature' if the zone is off due to the large unheated/cooled space. It was initially encouraging when Greg came to assess the problem and acknowledged that it was their error in the planning of the return air that he associated with 'feeling rushed by the builder to finish the job so that the plasterer could start'. Since Greg attended, we have had numerous promises of specific dates and times that his workers would attend to correct their error and move the return air so that the system would run as designed. Unfortunately on each occasion, noone has shown up as promised. Since then, Greg is increasingly difficult/impossible to contact- emails and voicemails go unanswered and if we somehow manage to get a hold of him on the phone, promises to call and attend within a certain timeframe are not met. While Greg and his workers are pleasant to communicate with, from our experience with their very poor communication, poor workmanship and inability to keep to promises, we would definitely not recommend their services and would actively encourage others to use other electricians in the area for any electrical needs.
Dean Cato
Dean Cato
Totally unreliable, full of excuses as to why they can't or wont' attend when scheduled. As a business owner, they would have to be the worst I have ever come across costing me money hand over fist by not having our primary business asset off the road. Appointments never kept, you never receive a text or call to say they can't attend and if they possibly can, an approximate time they will be there. You are always chasing them for an update on what is happening so prepare to spend your whole days waiting for a MAYBE appointment. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again. If you want a total stuff around, then fill your boots choosing this business. They have other corporate clients that they always place above anyone else and their individual needs. Without doubt, the VERY WORST I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with and will never deal with again
Roula Jennings
Roula Jennings
We have used woolnough electrical for different things over a number of years. Prompt and efficient service every time. Highly recommend them.
Craig Stanley
Craig Stanley
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