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Address 24 Main Street, Kempton
Google Map -42.5383288,147.2044004
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Kate Leurs
Kate Leurs
Is there anything better than a smooth whiskey and a coffee on a Tasmanian winter's day? Combine that with a visit to historic Dysart House and it leaves a memory that was a highlight of our trip between Hobart and Launceston.
NameChanger Fre
NameChanger Fre
Was passing through Kempton on the off chance and enquired regarding a place in the village for somewhere to go for a morning tea? A local directed us to Dysart House and we were extremely pleased we dropped in !! Great food and a wonderful house to enjoy it in . Will definitely make a return visit .
Rebecca Corrigan
Rebecca Corrigan
You can see the beauty that once was there...very bare in terms of furnishings and accessories. Expensive. Even just for a tasting. Staff not overly friendly either. A bit of a disappointment.
Great Place for Morning or Afternoon Tea, Lunch or Whiskey Tastings, Lovely, Friendly Staff, Beautiful Historic House.
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