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Address Preston
Google Map -41.2863523,146.0647255
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Peter Dohnt
Peter Dohnt
Ignore the signs that say Preston Falls - you are in the right place for Delaneys Falls (Preston falls can be accessed from a track beside the bridge you cross approx 5-700 M upstream of the bridge) and the fall that drop 25 M or so over the cliff is Delaneys Fall. Great track with plenty of steps but it is a short walk to the viewing platform just past the bridge. If you are feeling like a mountain goat you can get to the bottom of the falls from just past the viewing platform. Do not attempt this if you are in any doubt - it is steep - there is no engineered track and any time it is other than bone dry it is very slippery. Great waterfall when there has been reasonable rain, very scenic when there is mist in the valley
Wessley Koop
Wessley Koop
Nice short walk to an amazing water fall. Viewed from a platform. The track to the base is not marked and it is apparently a goat track.
Good if it has rain before. Nice stop if you are in the area. But nothing to crazy
Millie Chin
Millie Chin
I think the map would bring you to Preston falls (are they the same thing?) It's just a 5 minutes return walk, easy and the walk is good.
John Day
John Day
Really nice, easily accessible from the road- less than a couple of minutes walking to viewing platform. This is worth a stop past on way to Leven Canyon but some may be disappointed if they travelled only for this.
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