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Address 2/26 Gympie Way, Willetton
Google Map -32.0407765,115.8836137
Tel. (08) 9354 4041
Open - Close Monday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Yuki Lee
Yuki Lee
Your staff are so irresponsible, not professional AT ALL. I phoned on the 9th to get a quote for a bouquet with roses, I was told around $40 - $50 for a small bouquet. so I went in the shop & ordered a bouquet on 10th Sept, to be picked up on 19th for my wedding ceremony on 20th. The lady took my order & said $6 per rose, & I don't know anything about flowers so I ordered 5 ROSES ($30) in my bouquet, told her what color I wanted & its for a wedding ceremony so she told me if i paid $50 can have a boarder range of flowers to match in my bouquet, so then I paid $50 (invoice#74). I didn't need any particular flowers beside 5 ROSES anyway. Today (19/09) 10:45 am I called to make sure its ready, the lady on the phone was like yes its all ready ( told me NOTHING ELSE). When I picked up there is NOT EVEN 1 ROSE in my bouquet & the florist was like for the amount I paid they cant put any roses, then she went on & mentioned $7 per rose..(so one told me $6 per rose , this one told me $7 per rose). She gave me an excuse that the lady who took my order was new & not trained, she should have called me & told me - basically pointing finger.( & I RECEIVED NO CALLS AT ALL).I was telling her ANYONE could have called me & even when you put the flowers together you could have called me & get to know what I really want it my bouquet. She offered to put in roses for me at the spot but have to charge more. It was 1 pm, I was not going to sit around & wait PLUS paying more than what was AGREED before. Your company simply agree on the price then change your mind. You could have told me it costs more when I order, or anytime before i pick it up that you needed more $$$$$ to put just 5 DAMN ROSES in a bouquet!!! I ONLY WANTED 5 ROSES & some random flowers for my wedding bouquet man...I was so looking forward to it & thinking to use your company for reception. Now I am very disappointed with your service.
Sarah-Jane Finn
Sarah-Jane Finn
If I could give a minus rating I would, after turning up all the way from carramar to collect my wedding flowers they are not what I ordered. On speaking to the owner I basically got told oh well we are new owners and didn’t get clear instruction. Then told they didn’t have what was needed to rectify them and were shutting soon... seriously you are rude and irresponsible for your actions. You had made them wrong, I don’t care if you are new owners you now own the store and are responsible for the items being correct. No offer to fix them and deliver oh no that will be an extra cost, I don’t bloody think so!! No handover either and told to put flowers in the fridge when we were told by previous owners no way that will kill them.
Karen Jones
Karen Jones
Beautiful stunning flowers delivered by professional and friendly staff. My parents ordered these flowers from down south and would highly recommend. Thank you ❤🌸💐
Leah Wise
Leah Wise
Did not receive what I had ordered for my grandmother's funeral after travelling from interstate. They did acknowledge there mistake nor make a single attempt to rectify it. Extremely disappointing and unreliable. If I could rate this florists a minus star I would.
Lisa Fairburn
Lisa Fairburn
Once again such a wonderful amazing arrangement of flowers for the one I love. As always perfect costumer service and satisfaction. Thanks Team :):)
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