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Address Blue Range Road, Coree
Google Map -35.289669,148.8759285
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Phil Ebbott
Phil Ebbott
Fantastic campground. Absolute middle of nowhere feeling 1/2 hour from Canberra. Beautiful hut, lovely natural surrounds, good campsites.
Mark Boley
Mark Boley
If you are looking for quiet, secluded, just a drop toilet camping, this is for you. No mobile phone reception. Great place to sit and watch a fire. Very dark at night!
Nicholas Lelos
Nicholas Lelos
Amazing little camping ground with quiet and remote area surrounded by beautiful big eucalyptus trees. Historic site as well due to being a previous interment camp for Italian prisoners during world war 2. Has got a little river running through it with clear water. Working fireplace in there too. Highly recommended also relatively quieter.
Gareth Collinson
Gareth Collinson
Poor parking, and poorly maintained site.... All the historic buildings and areas on the map have been left to rot.
BJ Pearce
BJ Pearce
Great camping spot in close proximity to Canberra. Access is from Brindabella Road.
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