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Address 41 Village Terrace, Blakeview
Google Map -34.680069,138.7029229
Tel. (08) 7231 3000
Open - Close Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Claire Bell
Claire Bell
This is the WORST vet I’ve ever experienced. They are willing to bring you in for emergency’s but jeez they make you pay for it. The communication between the staff and the customer is appalling. AND they play on peoples emotions and vulnerable state and add on unnecessary veterinary procedures and payments. They truly only care about the money!! Would NOT recommend going to this place if you do care and worry for your pet!!
Beverley Dustan
Beverley Dustan
Saturday 10th July 21 I had to visit to have my old cat PTS, I can not speak highly enough of the lovely caring and gentle young lady vet who did this for me. Her empathy and understanding was very much appreciated. I just regret forgetting to ask her name. Cost was excellent for after hours at a 24 hour clinic, thank goodness they are open.
steven roberts
steven roberts
Took Boo in due to a complication. The reception was outstanding. The first Vet was exceptional telling me news i did not want to hear. Took Boo back for her final moments... Reception and the vet that assist Boo final moments was so gentle and compassionate. Hardest part of my life thankyou for making a hard moment feel alittle ease.
pete b
pete b
I am a war veteran, that keeps rats as therapy pets. My best boy, Sanji, had an emergency because he was having difficulty breathing due to respiratory disease. so i took him in after doing the usual ring around, they were the only people who would even see him. all of the staff were extremely great and i did not feel belittled for having rats, like i do with other vets. the vet who saw him was very knowledgeable and compassionate. After being given the options available, they allowed me time alone to think over the options, which was truly amazing. i decided it was best to put Sanji to sleep and she (the vet) allowed me some time and privacy to say goodbye. when she took him away to be put to sleep, she was so caring and gave him lots of love. I can not thank them enough for making my sad experience as easy as possible. also ide like to mention that their pricing is extremely good for an emergency on a saturday and their compassion towards both animals and humans alike is amazing. I will be using their service again if the need arises. Thank you for helping me with Sanji.
Nat Ursino
Nat Ursino
My partner and I are still completely traumatised by our experience here in late January. Our beautiful 12 week old Rottweiler puppy randomly starting having seizures so we took him here for desperate help after hours. Victor who helped us was amazing BUT it wasnt until the next day when we returned that the experience went downhill. We were told there was nothing that they could do for him and basically insinuated to put him down. The vet was extremely insensitive, she saw both my partner and myself completely distraught about potentially losing our puppy she even had the nerve to call later that day after we left him there for further care and say "I know you have created a bond but you have only had him for 4 weeks so either give him back to the breeder or yea". Im assuming by the 'yea' she meant put him down!! I am extremely thankful we got in touch with the breeder who advised us to remove him immediately and get a second opinion and THANK GOODNESS we did!! Our puppy is now 7 months and is completely seizure free, happy and HEALTHY!!! I cannot imagine if we had listened to the original vet Jo's advice we would of put down a puppy who is going to live a long and healthy life. Absolutely disgusting! I even emailed a letter to you guys but no reply!!
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