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Address 15 Murray Street, Bayswater
Google Map -31.9209298,115.9113959
Tel. (08) 9462 6600
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Rae Ni K
Rae Ni K
Teacher need to watch the student more carefully before they turn around and kick each other behind their back and don't pick on a student who have weight problem especially when it comes to sport, is not fair, should of give them encourage and motivation not compared with others, NOT EVERYONE'S PERFECT SIR/MAM!!!!! 😠
Um. Where do i start? When i was there the only place with computers was the library and then there was only 1 computer per room or 1 laptop trolley in a few classrooms. The cyber security was terrible and I accidentally got a virus on one of the laptops from a download. As for user accounts they where done per room so Room 11 had an account with a password that all students can access. On multiple times students work was deleted by others. I was bullied during my time there and I did some things that I deeply regret. But other students even after disciplinary action was taken against me people came up with more accusations. I was yelled at and told i was "lying" even though I was not and the people accusing me where blatantly fabricating lies. Principals are like "Good Cop" and "Bad Cop" and sometimes resort to yelling at students during disciplinary action. The basketball and sports facilities are badly maintained and the basketball courts are basically road base material. It heats up and if you fall you WILL injure yourself. The oval has soccer goals in the middle of a football field area and students where constantly arguing about who would get to use it. It was a nightmare. Some of the junior school eating areas were flooded during winter due to poor drainage and the staff decided to use the walkway areas for eating areas.
Finley Elsegood-Smith
Finley Elsegood-Smith
Mrs Petroni was the GOAT at Bayswater primary everyone else was alright rooted a few birds was alright
I went to this school and it was the worst time of my life your always bullied the teachers dont even care you get yelled at for putting the chair in the wrong place i dont think i was learning anything
The worst school i have been to
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