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Address B86, Ardrossan
Google Map -34.4434197,137.9037726
Open - Close
Peter Hickey
Peter Hickey
Great views. A definite must do.
Yang Liao
Yang Liao
An excellent place to watch the ocean from 30m above it.
Christina Birbeck
Christina Birbeck
Such a nice quite spot so relaxing
Manjot Sond
Manjot Sond
It's beautiful view.
Jamie Pollard
Jamie Pollard
Great Lookout but the entrance is the closest one to Ardrossan the others are closed.
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Yard Builders

(0.75 km)
1 Clift Road, Ardrossan

Parara Campground

(1.06 km)
Parara Point, Ardrossan

N.J. Brind Electrical & Solar

(1.17 km)
10 Henderson Court, Ardrossan

Ardrossan Catholic Church

(1.31 km)
7 Maitland Road, Ardrossan

Ardrossan Cemetery

(1.34 km)
4282 Yorke Highway, Ardrossan

Teakle Electrical

(1.34 km)
40 Oval Terrace, Ardrossan

Ardrossan CFS

(1.35 km)
Maitland-Ardrossan Road, Ardrossan


(1.40 km)
32 Oval Terrace, Ardrossan

Kadina Centre

(1.42 km)
Hospital, 37 Fifth Street, Ardrossan

Audika Ardrossan

(1.44 km)
30 Fifth Street, Ardrossan

Vanshell's Hairdressers

(1.44 km)
17 West Terrace, Ardrossan

Ardrossan Health Centre

(1.44 km)
Hostel, Hostel, 30 Fifth Street, Ardrossan

Ardrossan Dental Service

(1.44 km)
Hostel, Hostel, 30 Fifth Street, Ardrossan

ICMR Electrical

(1.48 km)
7 Second Street, Ardrossan

Ardrossan Area School

(1.52 km)
Ardrossan Area School, 14 Second Street, Ardrossan

Australian Clinical Labs

(1.52 km)
10 Second Street, Ardrossan