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Address 81 Elder Street, Ciccone
Google Map -23.6947966,133.8620613
Tel. (08) 8952 9966
Open - Close
Used these guys to get a new key for my car, tthe key wouldn't work and they told me to buy a new key reader for the car as some don't read new keys. I bought 2 at quiet an expense, and they still wouldn't work. At this point they told me I was starting to waste their time calling them out for every new key reader. Another locksmith in Alice picked up straight away that the wrong chip was in the key!
Chris Renc
Chris Renc
They know their stuff and also do cars
Terry Black
Terry Black
Barney is the lock stock and barrel shaped man for locks
Darren Mcbride
Darren Mcbride
Bery helpful
Robert Smits
Robert Smits
Walked in Saturday just before closing time but they were happy to help me out and cut a bunch of keys. Great service!
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